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Our Guarantee

Guarantee and Replacement Policy Brochure

At Garden Gate Greenhouse, Inc. we hold quality plants and customer satisfaction to the highest standard. The following outlines our policies:
  • Please call and speak to a manager before digging up a dead plant to return.

  • Annuals, Houseplants, Tropical Plants, Bulbs, and Seeds are guaranteed to be in good condition when purchased. These items do not carry a guarantee unless the plant dies or loses quality due to insect or disease damage within three weeks of purchase.
  • Perennials are guaranteed through October of the season they are purchased.  
  • Trees and Shrubs are guaranteed through October of the season they are purchased.
  • Any plant purchased but left in the pot (unplanted) will carry no guarantee, nor will it be guaranteed if planted into another container.
  • The itemized receipt and the dead plant must be presented for replacement.
  • Replacements are given in the form of a Garden Gate Greenhouse, Inc. Gift Card. Credit will be limited to the original purchase price.
  • No cash refunds.
  • The plant must be 100% dead in order to be replaced.
  • Plants will be replaced one time only. Replacement plants do not carry an additional guarantee.
  • Plants that have been exposed to neglect or damage due to wind, ice, salt, insects, disease, animals, vandalism, drought, lack of rain, winter weather, washouts, or acts of nature beyond the company's control will not be guaranteed.
  • Trees and shrubs that are planted too deep will not be guaranteed. Garden Gate Greenhouse, Inc. recommends to install plant root balls one inch above the soil surface.
NOTE: If your plants develop a problem, please call or visit Garden Gate Greenhouse, Inc. as soon as possible or contact your local Purdue County Extension Agent.