Desert Garden Symposium

04/13/2019, 10:30 AM

Here it is...that fool-proof houseplant that is virtually impossible to kill…CACTI and SUCCULENTS.
Cacti come in a variety of striking shapes and unusual colors. They are super hardy, drought tolerant plants that thrive with little attention, and are perfect for any sunny indoor space.
Sounding good? You’re in luck!
Garden Gate Greenhouse has a huge collection of these trendy little specimens and we’re dedicating a whole workshop to them! You will learn about:
 *types of cactus, *propagation,
*caring for them, *creative ways to arrange them.
Don’t fret...we’ll also include succulents for you to incorporate into your home.
Bring your own containers or choose from ours. We’ll assist you in arranging, planting, and accessorizing a beautiful indoor container. Choose from our funky fillers to create a unique, eclectic design.
The symposium includes a lite lunch catered by our own Garden Gate Café, soil for your container, instructional “cactus talk”, and an enjoyable time together. Come spend a part of your Saturday at the Gate with us!
Pre-registration is necessary to plan for sufficient supplies.

 Space is limited.

Please register and prepay by April 1.